Whether you need a Development Application (DA) for your project depends on several factors, including: boundary setbacks, lot size and type of street frontage. Generally, simple new builds and renovations to existing properties tend to comply to CDC codes, while a challenging site and ambitious build will likely require a DA from your local council.

Although the documentation for development applications may vary from council to council the concept is much the same. Development applications aim to demonstrate the initial design concept of a building to council with varying amounts of detail in order to provide council with enough information for them to be able to decide as to whether or not the development should be approved in the area.

We work with you and your local council to ensure all the required paperwork is correctly provided. We create documentation including architectural drawings, a statement of environmental effects, a waste management report and shadow diagrams. Our years of working with DAs and councils mean that we can identify and solve potential issues with your development to ensure your DA has the best chance of a quick and easy approval.