Complying development certificates as an alternative solution to development applications. The main difference between a Complying Development Certificate and a Development Application is that whilst development applications go through council to get approval, complying development certificates may be issued by a private certifying authority and are assessed based on a numerical assessment in a much faster time frame.

Complying development approvals can often be determined in just ten working days after the lodgement date. The evaluation is based on an accurate numerical and factual assessment and therefore any minor non-compliance cannot be tolerated.

In some instances, there may be a number of reasons why your application cannot be approved under complying development such as:

  • The property is a designated Heritage Item

  • The site is situated in a Heritage Conservation zone

  • The site is situated in air path noise zone of more than 25 ANEF

  • The site is situated in a bushfire prone land exceeding the permissible BAL zone rating.

  • The site is not appropriately zoned for a complying development

Nesstire can assist in determining whether or not your project may or may not be approved under this type of application. If your application cannot be determined under a Complying Development Certificate, quite often it can be determined under the traditional method being a Development Application

If you seek an Architect or an Architectural Draftsman to assist with your Complying Development Certificate application, please feel free to contact Nesstire for a free quote or advice.